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With the discovery and exploitation of new oil and gas formations in North Texas including the Barnett Shale, disputes surrounding mineral rights have inevitably arisen. When mineral rights pass through multiple owners, land men, leasing companies and exploration companies and careful attention is not paid at each step of the process, ownership interests can become difficult to ascertain. Before the dramatic rise in oil & gas prices and the ability to exploit formations closer to (and sometimes within) urban areas, this did not pose as much of a problem. However, with even residential neighborhoods pooled together to form oil & gas leases, new problems have arisen and untangling the web competing interests requires a high degree of knowledge and experience. The attorneys at Bodoin & Agnew, P.L.L.C. possess the skill necessary to resolve disputes ranging from damage and nuisance caused by drilling, to making certain that our clients receive their proper share of royalties.

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