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In conjunction with Bodoin & Agnew, P.L.L.C.'s personal injury practice, the firm has developed significant expertise in the area of birth injury litigation. A "birth injury" is defined as any type of damage to an infant's body before, during or just after birth. Complications in the process of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and neo-natal care can result in a wide variety of complications for a newborn baby. The type of birth injuries can vary greatly, from very minor injuries to catastrophic injuries so severe as to cause brain damage or possibly the death of the infant. Birth injuries can occur under many different "natural" circumstance, however there are also many circumstances where brain injuries are caused by mistakes made by doctors, hospitals, nurses, or other medical professionals during the labor and delivery process, such as a delay in performing a C-section delivery, failure to adequately monitor mother and child during labor, complications with a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-Section) delivery, use of excessive force during the delivery, or misapplication of a vacuum or forceps, causing a traumatic delivery. Through extensive experience, and in consultation with qualified experts, Bodoin & Agnew, P.L.L.C. can evaluate your child's birth injury and determine whether medical negligence was the probable cause of your child's injury. Birth injury claims are generally challenging and complex cases to prove, however with our knowledgeable attorneys and staff, we have demonstrated our ability to prevail despite the challenging nature of the claim. Our firm is committed to protecting our client's rights, and we will work passionately to obtain successful results for the families we represent.

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